Willingly and With Open Eyes

There are times in our lives when we realize that we want to give something that the recipient needs but, probably won’t take…

There is a person that we all know and love…well, y’all sort of know my biased opinion and I love…that is as stubborn as any person that ever lived, including both me and Sweety and that says quite a bit…

I was taught how to send energy. I was taught grounding. I’m not sure, at the time, that either the teacher or the pupil knew quite why but, we went through the process. I “think” the energy was just an exercise to help me to understand energy flow with no expectation of use by the teacher. I know the intent of teaching grounding was to help me find another tool to calm down. Those were the original intents…

Over the past month, since the beginning of April, for some reason I didn’t see, I’ve been putting energy into “storage” for future use by the one that taught me. I’ve been removing distractions and drains. I haven’t bothered to tell her, just calmly, during quiet moments, putting it there. I’ve had quite a bit of time that is very calm and quiet to be able to do that and have been using that time for that specific purpose…It is there. It does exist.

I have also told her, this is the part where I expect push-back, that. when the need arises, to take what extra she needs. I know what I am saying. I am aware that there will be a price to me. It is something that I freely offer with the only string being that it will be accepted.


Yeah, Aj, I do know that it might hit like a ton of bricks but, considering who I am offering it to, that is of no matter. If the circumstances were reversed, if you and I traded places in this “transaction”, for lack of a better term, I’d be saying “no, I won’t do that to you”, too. No matter, there’s a phrase in the Bible, “count the cost”, I have. Which do you think I would rather have happen, for you to need and not to take or you to be harmed by the lack? What do you think would harm me more? I am being selfish. I told you, and mean it, that my next breath is yours if it is needed. Think of it as the ultimate example of me trusting you. I know you’ll only take what you must have and no more.

A gift should have value or it isn’t a gift, it’s just taking out the trash and pretending it is a kindness. The giver should have to sacrifice time, effort, and thought for it to be truly valuable. The best ones come with love. It is what I have to offer. When you need it, accept it, knowing that to not is an option that isn’t there. This is what I “think” my God and her gods would want. It’s for damn sure what I want.



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