“Is” not “Has”…

“My Witch…” Sometimes I become concerned when I use that phrase. Not because of how My Witch takes it but, that people that aren’t us “may” see it as a patriarchal possessive term. It isn’t. It isn’t a convenience either. It IS possessive, though. It is in the sense that I also refer to My Sweety. It’s a title and an encompassing term for someone that is more than a mere and overused phrase “best friend. There has only ever been one My Witch and there will never be another, just as My Sweety is a unique term. *sorry, needed that out of the way up front. Now, on with the story…*

It was lesson time again last night. I am trying to find a frame of reference for how magik works. It is entirely out of what I know. My Witch was trying to explain elements. I just wasn’t grasping the concept. I kept trying to use “mundane” descriptions when she said something was a quality. She kept saying Earth IS Stability…and I kept getting stuck on that as a description. Today I had an insight. I think I get it. Here goes…

My Witch is Honor. It isn’t a word that describes her. When we meet the Great Beyond, when we are dispersed to where ever we variously believe that we go, she, the smallest bit of her being will BE Honor. It will be that in the smallest or largest amount. It is all the same. Her Being is Honor and that does not define a quality. She is that. Just as she IS My Witch. No matter how scattered, the tiniest bit is the whole. I will, in whatever fashion we exist in after we’ve left this plane, recognize those two things…

Elements are the same as that bit…Earth is Stability. It is not what it does. It just is. Water is Fluid. It may flow, that is also true but, the state of it is Fluid…I “think” I get it. The smallest is the same as the whole…

I am a bit dense. That’s what she was trying to tell me last night. I think I understand. I just have to find terms that fit and then let them soak in. I’m learning…again…not to use but, to understand. I am not a musician but, I understand Music Theory. I have some of that background. It helps me to see the skill and art and passion. That’s why I’m trying and that’s why I’m pestering her. My Witch uses magik. She is a magikal being. To understand her, I need to understand the rest. Otherwise, what I see is not the whole. The whole is important…more important than I realized…


  1. *naughty giggle*.., Your Witch is “honor”…you are “dense” lol (your words not mine). Find a better word to describe You in the Universe…a positive word!!! XXX

    1. Dense is fine. Once I get past that, I really learn. It’s actually not a bad thing. Inside of the dense is a good spot. Also, “Honor” as a proper name. Not the goddess of that but, the substance.
      I don’t really mind being dense. It isn’t intentional. *grins* It’s not a test but, I’m sure it feels like one to Aj…and she keeps trying anyway.

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