Ok…NOT Math…

Well hell…In baseball terms, “a swing and a miss…”. Yeah, I missed again…Magik ain’t math…

Among other things, like she says, I’m up to my usual overcomplication…and using an incorrect set of analogies…

Not Science. Should be using Cooking…I think…Different skill set. Not coldly empirical. To me, cooking is full of intangibles and soul and love.

It’s all good. There’s only “the rest of my life” to figure it out. *grins* I am relaxed, just eagerly relaxed. I’m learning about New Thing(s)…and that is fun. That’s the nice thing about being me. As long as it doesn’t offend my wife or Aj, I can do what I want to do. Learning about what’s important to Aj is what I want to do. It’s like writing this blog, I want to do it. If I didn’t, I’d quit…or take another year and a half break…

Anyway…I am “busily”…in a very relaxed manner…looking at ways to “undercomplicate”…Look at the bright side, this isn’t me trying to learn to send energy. THAT was an “adventure”. *grins*

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