I’m Too Lazy to Spell “Annaversary” Correctly and I’m Not Fighting Spell-check…

Bits of mental wanderings…

I have a Facebook page called “Intolerance Sucks”. The first bit of its “About” section reads “This page is founded on the idea that we all deserve respect. That the “content of our character” is far more important than any external differences. That it doesn’t matter your faith, personal identity, or any other dividing line you want to pick. We are all humans and share this rock.” It says, farther down, “If you have read this far and want to stay on this page, I have only a little bit of a request. Please do not be a troll. Respect that everyone is welcome here as long as there is no hate. I will not allow someone to be threatened, harmed, or harrassed. I will not warn. I will block and ban.” So, someone that I “knew” from FB that came to my personal page and compared being gay to being a pedophile came to IS and trolled. Why? What possible outcome other than being blocked and banned could he have expected? I am fine with discussing differing views. Who knows, one or the other of us might change our mind? On the other hand, I really despise dogmatic internet trolls…

*grins* Ya know what happens when you know one witch? You seem to find more. Ya know what else happens? Your mind gets opened…and closed. *grins again* My Witch opened my mind, she would say “I gave you a chance to learn” but, I disagree. She opened it to the possibility that there are more possibilities. Another thing that happened is that I cannot watch fictional witches. *grins 3rd time* I can’t imagine how irritating it is for them…

Who says Magik isn’t real? I have magik beans that I put into hot water that turn me from a drooling idiot into a semi-functional human. I am also celebrating my 8th wedding “Day that We Get to the Same Place We Were in Our Orbit this Time 365 Days Ago”. That she still puts up with my bad jokes is also magic.

I think that about covers it. Nothing major. It’s good to be me. If y’all have something to add, go for it. Have a good “whatever time of day it happens to be wherever you are”.

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