Why Am I Here?

It’s a funny thing about second chances. If you don’t take them you’re an idiot, if you’re not grateful to the people that helped you along the way you’re a fool. I’m neither.

I was an addict. I became sober. Along the way, during the last ten (12 at the time of this update) years of sobriety, I’ve been helped by some people. My wife gets my love and knows it. A couple of dear friends needed my help so, I write this blog. There are a few autobiographical posts like this one The Monsters in My Head. Mostly, you get posts that are for my friends by way of me trying to figure stuff out.

In its current iteration, it’s about Aj. We, meaning she inspires and suggests and I write, are talking about her…and me…and how we are friends and why that isn’t a big deal…except to the two of us. It is a way to explore how we are able to be friends.

Anyway, in 2018, I would start reading at Burning Aj and as soon as you read it, read Why? and How?

The first is the hardest thing I’ve ever typed. The ones that follow those three explore friendship and the wonders of it. There will be more stuff looking at how people grow, fears, and whatever else seems to fit.

Thanks for stopping by…

Updated April 11, 2018


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