Why Am I Here?

It’s a funny thing about second chances. If you don’t take them you’re an idiot, if you’re not grateful to the people that helped you along the way you’re a fool. I’m neither.

I was an addict. I became sober. Along the way, during the last ten years of sobriety, I’ve been helped by some people. My wife gets my love and knows it. A couple of dear friends needed my help so, I write this blog. This story The “Other Woman” in My Life…or, A Love Letter to My Best Friend is to one this is about her Aj Is Going to Hell. The LBGT posts are about the other. There are a few autobiographical posts like this one The Monsters in My Head.

So, yeah, you found me…and them… this is why a straight Christian married male writes for a Pagan and a Lesbian. They help keep me sane. I attempt to use my words to keep them safe. Seems fair to me.


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