Don’t know if I’ve written one about motivations lately or not. I probably have written one at some point, I just don’t remember when and I’ve gotten too lazy to look it up. So, here we go again.

I don’t know what motivates people to do the things they do. I don’t know what motivates me to do what I do. I try to examine mine and still don’t know why I do shi…stuff. I know what, I think, are some of the reasons I don’t. I am not driven by guilt over some ill or harm my demographic did. I’m not the one that did it. I’m not driven by altruism. I’m far too self-centered and petty for that. It’s not vanity either. Biological imperative? Nope. Loyalty to friends? That one gets a yes. Self-interest? Also, yes. 

The “loyalty to friends” one is easy to explain. Some of my favorite people in the world fall into groups that are ostracized by “mainstream” society. That being the case, I’ll try to move the stream a bit. Even if I’m the only drop moving. I don’t want friends to be treated as less than they are worth. To me, they are precious treasures to be hoarded like a miser with his gold. To me, short of my wife, the very few people I trust enough to ask for prayer are worth more than I can possibly put a value on and are the most  valuable things in my tiny world. *editorial, both of the people I go to for prayer happen to be women. that DOES NOT mean I think of them as objects or chattel* One of them could not be legally married in Texas, even if she ever decides to be married. She also happens to be Christian. The other prays to Gods that I don’t understand. She’s Pagan. I digress. I’ll be loyal to them because they’ve been loyal to me. If someone goes to their deity and asks for Divine Intervention, that’s loyalty and trust. That’s enough for me. That they happen to be great ladies is a bonus.

The “self-interest” part is easier to explain. When we, as a majority, allow a minority, any minority, to be given less than “equal protection under the law”, then we run the risk, at some point, of not being in the majority and reaping what we have sown. Simple, we protect those who do no harm to society and can not protect themselves. It was the way the representative republic I live in was designed. *editorial, brief Poli-sci lesson. the USA is NOT a democracy. we are a republic. there’s a difference*

So, the more I think about it, my motivations are selfish. It is about what I want. It isn’t because I’m some altruistic guy. I’m not. It’s not because i support the “gay agenda”. I don’t. *editorial, only because i don’t think there is a “gay agenda”* It’s not because I’m going to rush out and become Pagan. It is because I want the same things for Aj and Z that I want for myself. It’s because of a few specific people. It’s because I don’t think that they are wrong to want to love who they want or pray as they wish without being given the same legal protections that I am given.

Religious freedom and marriage equality will not be the downfall or American society. They just won’t. If we wind up in Hell, it’ll be one individual at a time by the decisions we have each made for ourselves. It might be because we decided to deem God’s Creations as less than ourselves and to persecute and repress them. It won’t be because we decided to protect them. *editorial, I don’t think being gay is a sin. also don’t think it’s my place to judge what the Mind of God was thinking when he gave people who are of different Faiths their faith* I truly do think, self-interest and loyalty, again, that when I meet my Maker and have to explain “Well, God, it’s like this. I decided that you made some bad choices when you made those gay folks and those people who aren’t Christian. I called them my friends but, what the eff? They are different from me. That makes them wrong, no matter that i called them my family. So, I decided that I’d treat them with less respect than something stuck to the bottom of my shoe. I know You are perfect and all but, in those cases, you were having an off day. So, I covered for ya and just cast them out of society. Wasn’t that nice of me?…What do you mean I can’t come in? What’s this rejection shi…stuff? What do you mean ‘cast out’? Please let me in…”

These are my motivations. What are yours?